New photos of the iPhone 5 have been released on the Internet, with new information about the dimensions of the iPhone and the dock connector.
iPhone 5 connector
On one of three photos released by Apple Daily, we learn that the new iPhone 5 should be 7.60 mm thick where the iPhone 4 S is 9.3.
Other information already known that said, the screen of the iPhone 5 should be approximately 90 mm ​​long.
The latest information concerning the new connector will happen with the iPhone 5. This should be even smaller than we thought and surrounded by a metal ring (perhaps magnetic?).
The only questionable information relayed by Apple Daily the number of pins integrated into this connector. Indeed, the site shows a 19-pin connector, but parallel, 9to5Mac noted information in the iOS 4 beta 6 in which there is talk of a 9-pin connector.