(Last updated 13/08/2013) The program arrives in France
From August 16 , it will be possible to file USB power (defective or counterfeit) adapters into an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center. In return for this deposit, Apple USB Power Adapter is available at the special price of € 10 .
Just as in China, it will bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod to validate the serial number.
The special price of Apple USB Power Adapter is limited to an adapter for each iPhone, iPad or iPod in your possession and is valid until October 18, 2013 .


Thus, if the user is not sure of the origin of the charger, it will go into an Apple Store or an authorized dealer.
The Cupertino company has also made ​​available a special page on the specific chargers 'Apple' .
Apple can not individually check each accessory is asked to come up with its iOS devices to check the serial number.
In exchange defective or counterfeit charger, Apple offers its official charger for $ 10 or 50% reduction .
This will take place from August 16 to 18 October in China.


Do not go for an Apple Store today, the program is not available in Europe, at least not yet.
Cheaper imitations are also less reliable manufacturers and not as security conscious as can be Apple. We therefore appreciate the true value of such a campaign from Apple that pissed voluntarily in its margins while its liability was not undertaken.