They foreshadow what will be available to the general public in the Fall. By connecting to , here's what they enjoyed: email, contacts, calendar, etc ... everything is more modern as evidenced by the shots below from 9to5mac , plus a wallpaper "live" video back end of the article:
  • Reminders:
iCloud beta-catch-2.jpg
  • Find my iPhone (iPad and Mac!)
iCloud beta-catch-3.jpg
  • The contacts:
iCloud beta-catch-4.jpg
  • Agenda:
iCloud beta-catch-5.jpg
  • The mail:
iCloud beta-catch-5.jpg
  • Notes:
iCloud beta-catch-5.jpg
But that's not all, since Apple seems to be testing a wallpaper "alive" for iCloud online, as shown in the video below, a reminder of the iPhone and iPad wallpapers that are animated can find on iOS 7 and seen here :
Registered developers can see it in action at this address .
We must also remember that Apple will offer its iWork apps online soon , we can imagine that they will be completely redesigned as well. We'll talk soon as they are available in Beta.