iPhone 5 screen size

Clearly, a larger screen will bring some comfort for browsing the Internet, plans or watching videos. But if Apple has never changed the size of its smartphone, the firm will have to keep here a compact, with a screen that can be classed as Retina, and applications compatible with this screen.

The simplest solution

Until now, the iPhone was a mobile with a 3.5 "screen with a resolution of 960 x 640. The simplest idea that came to mind when we all spoke to integrate a larger screen on the new  iPhone 5  was to keep the same resolution as all work exactly the same way, without change of appearance.
However, the increase in screen size with the same resolution would be to increase the pixel size, and thus remove the screen of the iPhone category Retina. Indeed, with 288 ppi, the iPhone 5 would be far from 326 ppi to iPhone 4 and 4S, far from defining a 300 ppi screen like Retina.

The "ideal" solution

The idea would be to change the ratio of the iPhone and switch to a 9:5 ratio by keeping the smallest part of the iPhone at the same size, but by increasing the rest. We thus find here the idea which we mentioned last week , always with a screen 960 px wide but this time 1152 px long.
But by increasing the size of the screen that way, how applications will they be adapted? How will they behave with more than 192 px on the length?

The home screen

Here, the solution is really the simplest imaginable. The home screen should simply accommodate a row of icons added. As 9to5Mac points out, Apple might take the opportunity to integrate widgets directly on the Springboard, but it might be too much fun at once.
iphone 5 springboard

Embedded applications

For embedded applications, Apple should not need much to change spraining some applications it integrates its mobile home. Most would fit perfectly on the screen while others would require minor modifications. We let you take a look at the mockups made:


iphone 5 phone


iphone 5 posts


safari iphone 5


iphone 5 maps

Applications from the App Store

Many applications use the user interface elements iOS and should be adaptable in the same way that Apple applications. For others, it is unlikely that developers do not need to change their apps. One can imagine that, without modification applications with custom interfaces may extend over 960 x 640 px and be entourrées black bars of 96 x 640 px on each side.


iphone 5 twitter


iphone 5 facebook


iphone 5 angrybirds1
iphone 5 angrybirds2


doodle jump iphone 5

Playing videos

iPhone 5 video
The majority of videos today enjoy a 16:9 ratio and therefore almost any problem posed on the iPhone and its 3:2 screen with black bars top and bottom.
iPhone 5 video 2
On the screen 4 "in 9:5 ratio, it would be right and left that we would observe black bands, but far from annoying, since only 7 px each.
iPhone 5 video 3
By zooming in on the video to completely fill the screen, still a good place with only 4 pixels would be lost at the top and bottom.
iPhone 5 video 4


These possibilities have been thought to follow different tests using the IOS simulator and Xcode are therefore the object of speculation. If it seems obvious that the solutions would be the best possible views, it is unclear what Apple will set up and so we must wait a little longer to see the result.