iphone 5
It is clear that competition has largely caught up and surpassed the iPhone 4S. If the design is still relevant, the technical characteristics of mobile Apple are no longer really including a dual-core processor now crushed by a quad-core competition ...
The mobile market currently runs a slight drop in speed , but smartphones remain in the game and it's a safe bet that many people are just waiting for the right moment and the right smartphone for change. Here are ten good reasons to expect the new  iPhone 5  .

1 - The iPhone 5 will have a better processor

Difficult to predict much about the processor of the  iPhone 5  , it is one of the parts about which we have the least information. It is likely that Apple is preparing an iPhone with a dual-core processor more powerful, but logic would dictate that the firm follows the competition and features a quad-core processor.
apple a5
What is certain is that Apple will not fail superlatives to praise the merits of its new smartphone in front of his predecessor, and what better than a new processor to improve performance of her new baby?

2 - We will finally get the big screen as expected

To view the latest rumors, it is difficult to imagine a new iPhone with a 3.5 "screen. The 4 "screen that many people have been waiting for several years now is very definitely part of the iPhone 5. It should provide comfort in many situations .
iphone 5 screen size

3 - The 4G LTE is on the way!

Now that Apple has integrated 4G LTE on its new iPad , there are chances that the iPhone 5 is also equipped with. European operators who are currently testing 4G services over their networks, are certainly among those who expect the most capable of an iPhone 4G surf.
Consumers using the 4G network will have the pleasure of having a really fast internet, browsing more pleasant than the one we know today.

4 - Galaxy S 3 must tremble against the iPhone

Many people have said that the Galaxy S 3 was the iPhone killer everyone expected, remarks which were quickly offset by the CEO of Foxconn itself, it indicates that the iPhone 5 would ridicule the Samsung Galaxy S 3 .
If today's mobile Samsung is more than a match for the iPhone 4S, it is likely that Apple put this need in its next mobile terasser competition, or at least to the same level.

5 - The current iPhone are exceeded

The previous iPhone, including the 4S are now old. Features highlighted by Apple just last year to promote its smartphone are not worth much today. It is clear that it does not worth to buy an Apple smartphone to see far exceeded in a few weeks, not counting the price of the model purchased which certainly fall.

6 - Windows Phone 8 are not yet in place

If Windows Phone has emerged as a powerful system in comparison with Windows Mobile in its time, it is still fairly established in the mobile market. The new version, Windows Phone 8 , will in turn not immediately available. Equipped mobile phones will actually be submitted by September at the earliest, and will not be on the market before the end of the year.
windows phone 8
If you wait for the perfect smartphone for change, rather then the iPhone 5, as efficient or even more, which will be available in September.

7 - RIM is still struggling to follow the march

The BlackBerry RIM have long been considered good mobile, reliable and efficient. Today, the company is on the decline and struggling to survive, searching for the perfect solution that will allow the company to stay in the race for a few years.

8 - The iPhone is welcome in business

Was a time when RIM was required master in business, a past time now for the reasons explained above. Now, there are few mobile proved as effective and safe as the iPhone on the market for a business introduction. More efficient, the iPhone 5 might therefore find its place.

9 - Your old iPhone will soon be out of the game

Apple often updates its mobile system, but over the years the old appliances are out of the game because of their inability to follow developments. It will be remembered especially the upgrade to iOS 5 with the arrival of Siri, the iPhone 4 had been set aside as incapable of properly managing Siri. There are chances that the new iOS 6 is reserved exclusively for the iPhone 5, novelty would once again previous iPhone standout. However, in the best case, your current iPhone will support the upgrade to iOS 6 and all new, but what will happen to the next?

10 - The iPhone remains the most popular smartphone

We can say, the iPhone remains the smartphone "in". Every year, Apple gives us a new version of its smartphone, more efficient, with significant new features. With iPhone 5, Apple should bring some interesting new face to previous models, what make highly appreciated.