ios 1136
In recent weeks, we hear a resolution of 640 x 1136 , ie the same resolution as the iPhone at the current width, but with over 176 px height. Using Xcode iOS Simulator, 9to5Mac has sought to verify this information, the result leaves no doubt.
At first glance, it is possible to run virtually, a screen with such a resolution, both on iOS 5.1 on iOS 6. But one detail makes all the difference. Indeed, if iOS 5.1 is just happy to display four rows of icons usual, the future system seamlessly integrates iOS 6 new resolution by adding a fifth row .
9to5Mac has not stopped there and tried other resolutions, but it did confirm that the resolution of 640 x 1136 since no other resolution can display 5 rows of icons.
iOS 6 being the mobile operating system that will be integrated automatically on the new iPhone 5 , we can say that it adds weight to the balance in favor of rumors about the screen resolution.