The date of submission

Aside from the features, release date information is the most anticipated. In light of recent revelations by Reuters and Bloomberg , the iPhone 5 should be presented at the next keynote of Apple that is to say, September 12 . Rumors say that the company is about to organize a special event for this date. The public may obtain the device and nine days later, according iMore, that is to say, September 21 . This schedule may well stick with any strategy that Apple recently revealed its turnover. That of the iPhone 4 S is decreasing and Samsung continues to widen the gap in the area of mobile telephony. The Cupertino company would be well advised to propose an earlier date.

The screen of the iPhone 5

With the iPhone 4 and 4S, the design changes were not present. It is therefore advisable for the new terminal to provide a different look especially with a screen size larger. This last nigh undoubtedly 4 inches. In all cases, the iPhone 5 should be longer, but the width would be no different if the hand grip is not optimized.The touch screen is thinner in particular to reduce the thickness of the smartphone while providing a real strength.

A smaller connector

The connector is found at the heart of a controversy. Reducing, consumers can not use the previous link accessories with older versions of the iPhone. It could therefore be cringe more than one client. This information is certainly not confirmed by Apple, but many pictures or videos direct to a connector 19 pin as stated Reuters. Although the format has not yet been revealed, the iPhone will present a smaller connector.

Improving the speed

The iPhone 4S is not a terminal infallible, despite a certain speed it is still possible to see some slowdowns. The iPhone 5 should be optimized on this side with the establishment of an A5 processor . This has already been proven on the New iPad . The terminal will receive a chip that increases performance especially with improved graphics and optimized processing information.

The software used

The iPhone 5 will with certainty with the operating system iOS 6. latter was the subject of a presentation in June. It will soon be available in the fall and several new features. Apple speaks a hundred innovations.


The battery is the only feature of the phone which is scarce. Currently, there is a great mystery about life. Apple wants to make the smartphone much more efficient, so it is possible to imagine a longer duration .
Currently, all these information are just rumors, some are confirmed by reputable sites or agencies, but Apple has not said anything yet. The iPhone 5 will unveil its mysteries at the next Keynote, which should normally be 12 September. His name is also unknown, everyone thinks "  iPhone5  "that would succeed" iPhone 4S  ", but a recent capture of a log shows a"  iPhone 5.2  ". Everything is possible. The long wait is rewarded with a device worthy of the name could compete with other manufacturers like Samsung Galaxy S3 with her.
Still a little bit of patience.