A phone without subscription

Your old iPhone can still be used to make calls using Viber applications like Skype or the famous. With the WiFi network, you get a phone that costs you nothing and can at the same time help you reduce the bill and especially saving money when you are in your home for example.

Phone in case

We are never safe from a problem, it is always nice to have a second phone on hand in case the latest just to the soul. A manufacturing defect, or a fall is soon here. It can also be used when you are doing activities "at risk" such as sports or at the beach.

Music Library

Your iPhone can be as advised by Maxisciences a storage and streaming audio. You have the opportunity to transform it into a mp3 player that you can use during your gym sessions in the car. With the WiFi radio is also available through several applications.

IPhone becomes a remote

It is quite possible to transform the phone into a remote control. This is an application (I-Got-Control) which allows him to control multiple devices and at the same time replace multiple remotes cluttering up the living room furniture (DVD, TV, Box ...).

Game consoles

The video game fans can travel through the AppStore for finding nice games. The advantage of offering only use the iPhone keeps the battery longer. You will not have to reload repeatedly throughout the day.

Of course, the sale

Some find no interest in this kind of operation and prefer to sell it to finance the new particular example. Some websites specialize in reselling mobile. The smartphone will lose its value over the day, as many followers of the apple will have the same idea, sell the old model. The market will therefore have an upsurge of iPhone 4 S. You probably lose money so why not give it a second chance?
So what do you do to your phone when the arrival of the iPhone 5 ?