According to sales information from eBay, NextWorth collected by the company, it may be time for your stomach iPhone now if you wish to purchase the new iPhone because its value may decrease rapidly shortly.
Indeed, it is clear that when the iPhone 4 S was released in mid-October last year, the value of his predecessors has decreased from 15 to 25% on the second hand market. If the idea of separating you from your mobile for a few weeks does not scare you, it seems obvious that a sale today would be the best solution.
iPhone sales
That said, all retail sites do not have the same ideas. Glyde's CEO, Drew Lieberman, has meanwhile indicated that there was an optimal time to sell the iPhone: the month before and the month after the release of a new model. Selling the old iPhone right out of the new model, it may be possible that you have nothing to pay to acquire your new valuable.
You should know that the iPhone will hold their value until two years after their release date, iPhone 4S 16GB worth so few 200 dollars for another year.
Compared to October 2011, the site has seen an increase Glyde 340% of requests for sale of iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S this month. According to this website, we could sell today iPhone 4S 16GB for $ 380 and 64GB for $ 460.