The analyst who've just seen repeatedly for other Apple devices in the past and based on "internal" contacts, this note is therefore all the more to be taken seriously.
For him, the iPhone 5S will ship a processor (64-bit probably) A7 based on ARMv8 architecture .
In terms of RAM, it would still happen but Apple 1GB to LPDDR3 chips (LPDDR2 for A6) that would gain speed .
Thus equipped, the A7 is less energy and consume 20% less than its predecessor, this could suggest a gain on the overall autonomy.
As with previous generations, the model 'S' which would see the storage capacity up a notch with a 128 GB model . We remind you that the iPad is already available in 128 GB since the end of the year last.
The side of the camera sensor, we remain a 8 megapixel sensor but with a larger aperture (F2.0) in order to have a better field of vision and improve the picture quality in low light. Another improvement, the arrival of adual LED flash .
The analyst also confirmed the arrival of a fingerprint reader with a Home button Sapphire crystal .

iphone 5s

The analyst is rather pessimistic about the arrival of NFC that is not integrated into the iPhone 5S .
Finally, he confirmed that a version of 'or' would complement the traditionally proposed in Black or White range.
In any event, he did not stay very long to wait.
To be continued!