• 71 seconds to sell tickets for WWDC 2013
  • 1 million visitors every day in the world of Apple Store
  • 50 billion apps downloaded from App Store 5 years, but that we already knew
  • 900,000 applications available which 375,000 dedicated to iPad
  • $ 10 billion paid out to developers is to say, three times more than any other App Store combined.

Anki Drive: small smart cars

It is to my knowledge the first time that Apple has a fledgling business the premiere of the scene of a keynote .... After a technical glitch, CEO of anki, alone on stage, finally runs its small cars.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
Unfolded on track for the occasion, smart cars are able to double or even move together. Halfway between robotics and artificial intelligence, Anki will drive controlled via an iOS device of course. What launch!
After this playful interlude for some serious stuff!

OSX Mavericks: speed, fluidity, energy saving

While the PC has difficulty, that Tim Cook has not gone unnoticed in taclant eg Windows 8, the Mac seems to be rather well with a growth of 100% over the last five years.
This year, we did not know the name of the new version of OSX. After a few touches of humor, Craig Federighi presented OSX Mavericks and news.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
It starts with 3 features
  • Tabs Finder  : The Finder has been reviewed and is now easier to better juggle windows and views and can even be displayed in full screen
  • Tags  : documents can now be tagged to allow for easy retrieval
  • Managing multiple screens that you can use a second monitor as an extension of the first. The Apple TV can also convert your TV pricing.
Obviously, OSX Mavericks bring many other new some of which are particularly good for the independence and health of the processor.
Nap App allows for example to reduce energy consumption is concerned only that which is visible to the user.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
Without going into details, with OSX Mavericks, our Mac should be faster and more energy efficient.
Safari also entitled to his refresh with a new 'sidebare' including playlist, shared by contacts links ... Safari has also been optimized to be faster and also more economical.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
Apple has finally decided to throw in the management of passwords. Called iCloud KeyChain , the service is in some ways a 1Password for Apple sauce. Managing passwords or credit cards, auto-completion, everything is there for the safety and comfort of users, but ... only in Safari.
The Notification Center has been open more applications. The push is also emerging on the Mac.
As might be expected, bring OSX Mavericks Maps on the Mac. The application may also communicate with the iPhone to transfer such a route. Obviously FlyOver was not forgotten and was even able to take a little trip to Paris. One can also find a restaurant and send it on the iPhone
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
The timing of the Mac has been a nice refresh that makes it less tacky. Of course, it can communicate with Maps and prevent the user that it is time to leave.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
iBooks is also part of and provide access to the entire library currently available on iOS.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
OSX Maverick will be in the hands of developers today and will arrive this fall on our Mac.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple

MacBook Air: more powerful, fast and indestructible

Apple has worked particularly the autonomy of its MacBook Air that incorporate fourth generation Intel Core processor.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
No Retina display for this time, but the new MacBook Air are available immediately. They are accompanied by a new version of the Airport terminal.

Mac Pro: a beast of competition

Completely redesigned, the new Mac Pro is not only beautiful, it is also powerful. Everything inside is huge: 4 processor cores, ECC RAM 2x faster, Flash latest, Thunderbolt 2, 2 graphics cards AMD 4K compatibility ...
You understand, this is not a machine for everyone. In addition, the new Mac Pro is very compact compared to its impressive predecessor.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
iWork is flying in the clouds
Now is a great time to talk about iOS. Having extolled the merits of iCloud and its derivatives, Tim Cook spent hand Roger Rosner for iWork for iCloud presentation.
Now in a browser version of iWork will then make its appearance on Windows via a web app. It will be possible to create documents, edit worldwide. Page, Keynote and Numbers are the game.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple

iOS 7: a new beginning for iOS

With 600 million units sold, iOS is a major player that occupies a lot of space on the web. According to Tim Cook, 97% of iOS users are satisfied and, with this new version, things should not change too much.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
In the introductory video, Jony Ive is this work and the least we can say is that there is change. Everything has been redesigned from top to bottom and yet seems so familiar.
Aesthetics and, in my opinion, especially beautiful, iOS will make a new start with the new version.
All fonts are new and include the views of the poster. The locked screen home screen, everything is fine. There are also views the icons in this morning's article 9to5 Mac. Overall, those who appreciate the Flat design should get their money.
iMessage, Calendar, Clock, scholarships, weather everything has been redesigned icon for the application.For example, in the weather app, a wallpaper comes illustrate the weather.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
Apple also emphasized gestures and slip and folders can, for example, contain several pages ... Finally!
Mail took a little air mailbox which is not displeasing to us.

Some new features of iOS 7:

Since everything is not that design, here are some novelties presented for the occasion:
  • Control Center provides access to a shift to the most used settings
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
  • Multitasking for everyone with insight
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
  • Safari has also been revised with a full screen, easy access to favorites, iCloud Keychain integration, a simplified design and management tabs particularly interesting.
  • AirDrop is also emerging for transferring files via peer-to-peer or WiFi between iPhone, iPad and Mac
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
  • 4 cameras and filters are now included in the Photo app that looks very promising and includes photos by places, year ...
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
Of course, Siri has not escaped the redesign and even propose new voice. The wizard can now also access the settings and, for example, cut the WiFi.
Siri is now integral part of our car trips with iOS in the Car. Obviously, it will take a compatible carrier ...
For its part, the App Store also offers new features like geo apps or child category that parents will love!
Music app has also been revised and now offer many gestures.
In addition to all this, iOS 7 will bring lots of other new features like facetime audio annotation of PDF ...
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
iOS 7 will be available in beta to developers today and for the common man to fall . He arrives on the iPhone 4 and, iPad 2 and iPad Mini and more and only on iPod touch 5G

iTunes Radio

Included in the iOS music app, iTunes Radio to make us discover new music through 'radios' created on the basis of a piece aims.
ios 7-new ios-iphone 5 -apple
These radios can be shared, viewed and listened to by most everyone. Listening to the song, the user can tell if he likes it or not and get the most effective results.
Radio with iTunes is free pub except for iTunes Match subscribers will not be entitled to the pub. The service will be available on iOS, Mac, PC and Apple TV.
What do you remember of the conference and what you enjoy the most? The floor is now yours!