Apple does not really seem ready to embark on the path of NFC . Instead, the Cupertino company prefers to use the solution of Bluetooth devices to communicate. 
This is precisely the case with regard to the configuration of the Apple TV. As you can see on the image below posted on Twitter , iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 can be used to configure the Apple TV. l enough for it to turn on Bluetooth and touch the Apple TV with the camera . 
This new ultra simplified procedure replaces the previous asking, using the remote control, enter the WiFi password, the network name ... Here is more evidence to say that Apple seems less and less interested in the NFC.
apple tv-ios 7
Until today, it is possible to purchase through the Apple TV as movies and series. With the new OS, it seems Apple has also decided to authorize the purchase of music. The interface is simple and is similar to that of iTunes on your computer. 
course, the user can find on the TV, purchases already made ​​on other devices.
apple tv-ios 7
Although we do not know exactly when the new operating system will be available, there is a good chance that it is in the fall at the same time that iOS 7