After seeing a significant number of stolen photos of the assembled mobile in recent weeks we have had the opportunity to discover a number of parts this week including the drawer Nano Sim on Monday and yesterday internal parts . Today, it is the turn of the battery of the iPhone 5  to reveal the net.
So we can ensure, with varying degrees of certainty, that the iPhone battery 5 will be a little more efficient with 1440 mAh .
Remember that the battery of the iPhone 4 offered a capacity of 1420 mAh and the iPhone 4S offered in 1430. The difference between the batteries and the previous versions of the new iPhone is pretty light, but this information should reassure those who had questions about the effective integration of a battery on a mobile so fine.
Besides the increased capacity, the battery voltage, which was previously 3.7 on the iPhone 4 and 4S, should now be 3.8 V . Similarly, where previous posted 5.25 WHr, the new battery will whr 5.45 .
The labeling of this battery also indicates it was produced in June 2012 , which seems to correspond to leakage which we heard in recent months and could almost come to confirm the imminent availability of the new iPhone.
Be careful though, increasing the battery capacity does not increase the autonomy of the mobile. It should be recalled that the iPhone 4S, with a better battery, has a range smaller than its predecessor ...