With a 4-inch screen and a 9-pin mini connector, this  iPhone 5  is expected of all. Already the first photo filter sites including the site Taiwan Apple Daily, which published a photograph of the housing of the iPhone 5.

Mini 9 pin

The iPhone 5 is distinguished from its predecessor, the iPhone 4 or Galaxy S S3 by its thickness. And this is only the first distinctive criteria. The thickness of this little phenomenon will be 7.6 mm 9.4 mm against the iPhone 4 and 4S and 8.6 mm from the Samsung Galaxy SIII.
But what are the other features of the iPhone 5? Well aware that the unit is well equipped with a mini connector. At present, the size of it is still unknown. Finally, the headphone jack of the iPhone 5 will be located at the bottom of it. This new device will make much more convenient, especially when it is in a bag or pocket.
While the latest rumors that the iPhone 5 evoked could have 19 pins, it seems that 9-pin connector is more plausible. This news is only bitter for the mobile users of Apple who will have to buy a new adapter to connect the device to their devices.

A bigger screen and better resolution

Four inches and 640 X 1136 points, these are the characteristics of the screen that the iPhone 5 will have. The iPhone will have 5 rows of icons instead of 4 present in its predecessors. This optimal resolution is to display 5 rows of icons according iOS 6.
This is the same resolution as the iPhone at present width. By cons, at height, 176 pixels are added. It is this extra height to display 5 rows of icons.

An option of passing Wifi 3G

The iPhone will have a new operating system iOS 6, version 6 operating system from Apple, which will be pre-installed on the device. In the settings of the iOS 4 beta 6, a new option will be available, that's what 24matins details . When your application will not go with Wi-Fi, you will automatically 3G.
A user then adjust its settings to decide which application will automatically switch to 3G.
Many other features will be available after the transition to a new operating system. We note for example Passbook (which allows you to scan your iPhone to register for a flight, movies ...) Siri 2.0 (an even more powerful) or IMAPS (with detailed maps and an update traffic in real time).