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12 new games iPhone / iPad out today to discover in video: BattleFriends in Tanks, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Perfect Kick, etc ...

cognitionep2.jpgThursday is the day of the outputs of the new games on the App Store and that same August 15 then no truce for gamers! Here is our dedicated article, like every week, which are presented in a selection of the latest games available on iPhone and iPad also often.

This week, with a selection of games such as BattleFriends in Tanks , Plants Vs. Zombies ™ 2 , Perfect Kick , Pirate Legends TD , and others to discover:

BattleFriends in Tanks

Step on a tank and a tank battle your friends. Prepare yourself for the rest of BattleFriends at Sea, award-winning app.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Find Crazy Dave on a wild adventure and welcome, and slay, hordes of zombies, the origin of the world until the end of time. Rally an army of powerful new plants, recharge with fertilizer and consolidate your defenses with new bonuses

Perfect Kick

A game penalty (well, shot on goal) Chillingo signed with online multiplayer mode.

Pirate Legends TD

Lead your ship in a tropical paradise by fighting against waves of enemies, such as the British Navy, the hungry cannibal tribes and hordes of undead restless.

Telekinesis Kyle

A puzzle game where you play as Kyle playing with objects ... without touching them.

Pocket Land

A puzzle / strategy where you have to create the most attractive earth possible and increase the size of the population.

Gold Diggers

You are a machine for gold where it will dig and find a maximum gold while avoiding the giant worms, flames and other hazards.

Maniac Manors

Explore an intriguing manor in which you will make your way to solving puzzles, interacting with objects and decorations, and investigating his shady past.

Skate Madness

A skateboarding game where you must escape the monkeys to go down the road to discover new capabilities.


Ninjas - Stolen Scrolls

A 2D arcade game in cartoon style in which the player is a Ninja.

Way to Go!

A puzzle game in which he will show cunning and logic to overcome.


Finally, a special iPad game:

Cognition Episode 2

The adventures of Erica Reed FBI continue in this police investigation Thurs


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Well, that's all for today. :-)
So what? Tempted by one or more new?

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